Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fall Foliage Fading Fast

Warm Wooster Square always Welcoming

Now its; not what happened to Summer, but what happened to Fall! 2015 is heading into the holiday season and into the sunset. Just when you dropped those couple extra pounds, now comes work parties, friends bring you goodies and the celebration is on! It all ends on January 2nd with the realization 
(and pounding headache)
 that 2015 is now in the history books.


But hey, let's not get ahead of ourselves. There is so much fun to be had, food and drink and much more in the 
Wonderful World of Historic, 
Famous Wooster Square!

So let's say you are planning to hit some of the top 10 attractions in Wooster Square, that's where I come into the Photoblogumentary. Perhaps you are going on your first date? You never know, Cheryl and I met walking our dogs in Wooster Square.

In fact, if your in the dating market, you really have hit the mega jackpot when it comes to living in, or visiting the City of New Haven, home of
 Wooster Square. 


Well for starters, the Huffington post finds that New Haven, is #4 in the USA for Singles.*
(*hey, its on the internet so it must be true)

And guys? Well if you are a superficial, shallow, surface-y, buy a book by a book cover...
 according to an app that rates dates on appearances, 
Connecticut women come in at #8 in the USA.

Shoot, now we know that New Haven is hopping for 
singles from 18 to 88, if only there was
something, anything to do!

Are you from another planet?

New Haven was chosen as the #1
Foodie City in the USA.

There you have it. Your table is set.
While you get out your little black book,
(that's your contact list of old)
and decide on who to call...

Why don't we take a stroll around the Square?
Here's some freaking fall foliage fun for you!

Parks ablaze with color

Green to brown to white

Red and yellow fellows

Good til the last frost!

It's getting chilly, huddle in lines
at Pepe's or Sally's to stay warm.
Eat Pizza, repeat.

Citizen Kane

Cool colors casually collide.

Smile, you just had Chicken Parm at Consiglios!

Better do a few laps to work it off!

Red Maple Marvels
MBA High School on Water Street

Soon to be St. Michael's corner
(Greene Streete and Academy Street.)

People Pleasin Park

True Colors

Fiery Foto Fun

Bocce anyone?

Berry, Berry, Berry fun in Wooster Square!

Get swept away

Love is Hot in Wooster Square

Stone, brown

Wooster Square waits

History loves Company

Outside City Hall, we are reminded of Paris
and those affected. Wooster Square was defended by, and won its freedom with the help of our French friends. We don't forget.

United we stand

Parisians and all of France,
are Honorary Wooster Squarians.

Nous sommes au coude à coude 
défendant liberté et la justice

To Paris with love.


So, now you've gotten a date and you are
heading for Wooster Square. 
Here's ten of Bart and Cheryl's 
favorite Wooster Square Favs.

In no particular order, one must try each! That's either one long date or 10! 
Have fun and do it again!

Frank Pepe's Apizza: Clam Pie, #1 USA

Libby's: Italian Ice, cookies

Fuel Coffee Shop: Cappuccino

Sally's Pizza: Fresh Tomato Pie

Adriana's Restaurant:
 John Dory Sea Bass/Osso Bocco 

Consiglio's Restaurant: Chicken Parm

Tre Scalini: Spaghetti Carbonara

Lucibello's: cannoli

Abate's: Take out pies

Wooster Square Park: Pizza Picnics People!!

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See You Round the Square!!