Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Early Easter Coincidentally Coincides Conterminously with Spring

 Cherry Blossoms go

undamaged in recent snow

They get a little snow down in Washington DC, and they get all a twitter. But at this time of the year its not just the snow, it was their treasured Cherry Blossoms. 

Like Historic Wooster Square, we are on the fast track for bountiful blossoms baby! Of course, Washington DC's are a little ahead of ours. To the tune of at least a half of a month. So if you were thinking of heading to Wooster Square, you will find mostly just green buds. And on Hughes Place, where the trees first bloom, you may see a little pink. 

Our Famously Fickle Fun Flowers should be in peak..?
There is only one way to know when the Wooster Square Blossoms will be peaking and all the stages in between! And that is by following the World's first Photoblogumentary on Historic Wooster Square. 

The Cherry Blossom festival, the 43rd, is held in Wooster Square on Sunday April 24th from Noon until 4:00pm. A fun day of food, music, art and crafts, and hopefully, some cherry blossoms! But that never stops the party! The Festival is a fun family event, put on by neighbors who love Wooster Square!

The Wooster Square Blossom Blog will start frequent reports starting after the Easter Holiday weekend. Then its off to the races with our Historic Pink Nation!

Let's take a look around Wooster Square this week!
One day snow, then poof! Gone!

Just a dusting please.

Iced blossoms

Future Fireworks

Winter Blossoms

Everyday's a Holiday in Wooster Square.

Courageous Crocus

Changing of the Seasons

Tulip Treats

Court Street Colors

Just Chillin in Historic, World Famous
Wooster Square!

History Loves Company

OMG! Did anyone notice that ALL the
Wooster Square Park Benches Disappeared?

No, not really. 

New Haven Parks rocks Wooster Square

You see, they were plainly shot, end of life.

So the Historic Wooster Square Association 
took the ball and ran with it.

With the help of neighbors donations, and outright "purchases" of 1/2 or a whole bench,
they were taken by the New Haven Parks Dept
and completely refurbished!

And they're here in time for the Festival!

Beautiful Benches Baby!

Pizza Picnic Place People!

American made, Union refurbished.

Sponsor a bench?

Buds in the air!

A ways to go...

Most trees have green buds

Pink in the skies!

Pink on Hughes Place

Hughes Place Pink and White Tunnel to Happiness
(Wooster Square)

Florets Found!
(Hughes Place)

Next week we will take a further look at our Blossoms, history and more!

In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Google + for the absolute up to 
date news on the fun in the sun here in 
Wooster Square!

Have a safe and peaceful Easter Holiday.

Get out and enjoy the air!

See You Round the Square!
Wooster Street
Home to New Haven Style Apizza,
America's #1 pie