Friday, March 18, 2016

Frozen Flakes Forestalling our Future Flower Fun Folks?






Here in Wooster Square, we have been a bit spoiled this Spring/winter. After a relatively mild winter, compared to the past SEVERAL years, it feels like April. We have Daffodils in full bloom in Wooster Square

Good luck with that 
Daffodil Festival Meriden
(over a month away)

Our mild winter saw Cherry Blossoms on New Year's Day Blooming on the corner of Chapel Street and Academy Street. Many asked if that will hurt this blossom season. Yes and no. Perhaps this one tree will lose some, but that was the only tree. 

And there's lots of Sweet Square Sakura's Sillies!

Patience, peace, serenity;
Beautiful Blossoms
Bart & Cheryl's Haiku 2016

But the real question is this sneaky Sunday storm
or no storm going to freeze our little buds off?!?!

Here at the Wooster Square Blossom Blog, 
we are all over this like a cheap suit.

The Blossom Mainframe has been in contact directly to Washington and the National Park Service
to get the word from the "experts".

While I gather up all the data, enjoy some
photos of our 
Wonderful World of Historic Wooster Square!

Myrtle Morning Mindfulness

Buds just coming out of their slumber

There's no stopping them now!

Dewy Daffy

Pollen producer

People Pleaser

Hughes Place Pink and White Tunnel to Happiness

Florets Visible!

Peanut Popper

Purple Poppers

Buds fattening up in the sun

State Bird inspecting Buds

Excitement Awaits! 

History Loves Company!

About those Blossoms?

The Cherry Blossom goes through six stages:
Green Bud
Florets Visible
Extension of Florets
Peduncle Elongation 
Puffy White or Pink
Peak Poppadge!

Washington DC's Blossoms are at a critical, peduncle elongation, this weekend. If they were to freeze,
the results would be... unprintable.

However, Wooster Square's are mostly in just the Green Bud stage. They are more able to withstand a period of colder weather and a little snow.

And don't forget, Wooster Square is practically on the Long Island Sound, so usually we get a little reprieve from the colder inland. The water used to come up to the Metropolitan Business Academy on...
Water Street.

But that was when Benedict Arnold lived there and that is a whole other story!

So my fine fellow flower following fans,
not to worry but be prepared!

Always carry a device dedicated to the Wooster Square Blossom Blog for reports about our Cherry Blossoms as conditions can change by the hour! 

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See You Round the Square!

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