Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Whipping Wind Wooshes Warm(er) Wooster Square Wild!

What of our Historic Cherry Blossoms? 

We are into our 5th Season here at the Wooster Blossom Blog. Christened the World's First, Photoblogumentary*, the WSBB has kept track of our perfect pink people pleasers with a 
100% accuracy of when our 
World Famous, Historic Wooster Square's Super Sweet Sakuras Shine! 

Not bad for a rookie.

So here's the scoop. Washington DC's Cherry Blossoms 
peaked on March 25.

The Blossom Mainframe, through Yale University's Super Computer has access to the National Park Service, and all of its data and history (I googled National park service, search cherry blossoms.) 

Also, fresh off cracking the into the iphone for the US (I suggested using "password" as the key to unlock)
we carefully look at DC's peak date as it comes before Wooster Square's. 

And, if you have enough data Nate Silver told me, we can make a Blossomation of when our Big Bright Beautiful Blossoms will Bust Baby! 

While I get all the megadigitaldata together, I will get an answer out of this hardware. Or, perhaps I will just throw a dart at the calendar! 

Check out Some photos from 
the Square!!

Columbus Casually Calculating

Extension of florets

Sunny Wooster Square

New Benches

These buds are for you!

Good flowers gone bad,
behind bars.

Hughes Place getting pinker

Hughes Place, a one way street down to Wooster Square Park, is usually where the
blossoms get off to the fastest start.

One juvenile tree, now one of the older
since 6 trees were taken down and replaced
since last year!

The Puffy pink/white stage happens about 3-5 days before these winning wonders will wow.

Still a ways to go...

Funky fence foto fun

Spring is popping out all over!

Prepping park for our Cherry Blossom Festival!
April 24th, 2016 12-4 pm!

Let's follow these buds!

History, Pizza and Blossoms. 
Who could ask for anything more!

Morning Madness!

Rose Buds!

You can see the Wooster Place side of the Park
is slightly behind.

Wooster Square Remembers

Wooster Square Cares too. Read about
local Wooster Squarian, Wendy Hamilton who puts
her money where her mouth is!

New Haven is the Elm City. Elms were
everywhere and lined our Historic Green.
Here is one in Wooster Square that still stands!

Our little Cherry tree that replaced...

Beloved Bonsai Sakura!

Sneaky Pink

About our fun fickle flowers folks.

But there is no stopping them once they start on their race to bloom.

However, the wind? We are ok,
if all the trees were in the puffy
white/pink stage we'd be in
big trouble!

Pinpointing the exact day? Well that can only be done after its happened.

Showing you is easy.

But the Blossom Mainframe
says peak will be around 
April 9-15th.

Colder weather, warmer weather
and a snow in the forecast
(thanks +Gil Simmons )
can all affect the 
Peak Poppadge!

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