Thursday, March 31, 2016

Warm Welcoming Wooster Square's Famed Fun Foodie Farmer's Market Grand Opening Saturday!

Hanami Harmony Heaven!

Be there or Be Square!

While out taking some photos this morning, I 
am reminded of what a real neighborhood
Wooster Square really is, was and has become.

People know each other, look out
for each other and spend time
with one another.

You know, like face to face.

In fact, our Cherry Blossom Festival is
a true neighborhood production.
Wooster Square is hand raked by volunteers.

Dozens of new Cherry Trees that have
been planted are watered weekly 
by a bucket army of volunteers
who commit for years.

That's a lot of dedication to our 
Humble Hallowed 
Hanami Hamburg

Three different Wooster Squarians asked
me about the blossoms and their
expected, anticipated arrival.

Soon. Or later.

Oh they will come... showering
our Sweet Sakura Square shimmering
in Pink and White hues.

However, no need to sing the blues!

You can follow our 
Pink Nation right here 
on the 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog.

You might just learn something too,
not for nothing.

One thing I can guarantee.
The Cherry Blossoms will come
and they will awe.

Let's take a ride around the Wooster Square,
all photos are from today, the last day
of March, 2016.

Pink in the air

Warren Street, just off Wooster,
also has Cherry Trees. In the distance
is Wooster Memorial Park.

We have a bocce court and a club and
all are welcome. The Parks Dept has
committed to fixing it up a bit.

Right across from the new 
FUEL Coffee shop.

Entering critical phase

Puny Purple People Pleasers

Court Street Colors!

Park's getting spruced up

Hughes Place filling in

Hot Pink!

This tree on Hughes Place is the farthest along.
About 3-5 days from popping. Or not.

These will be later.

New Benches Rock!

We have our First Blossoms!
Warmed by the lights on Hughes Place,
brings a smile to your face!

Pink Nation!

Flower Following Feline

You're NUTS if you don't head to
Historic, World Famous Wooster Square
this Weekend for the Farmer's Market
Grand Opening!

They throw out a head of lettuce.

Vegetation humiliation fascination.

360 steps to Wooster Square


Morning glories

Bee Happy

Saturday, across from this 
handsome fella, at 
9:00am CitySeed kicks off
the Wooster Square Farmer's Market!

Daffys planted at the WSBB Wooster Street HQ
by these two hands!

Thanks Sponsors!

Cheryl Szczarba and her mom have been huge supporters of the Cherry Blossom Festival
since moving to Wooster Square in 2003.

And along the way, made friends and neighbors
to hundreds of New Haven'ers and beyond.

Buyers and sellers consider her one of a kind.
(of course, I might be bias.)

Cheryl has tons of listings for all types of buyers.
The convenience of University Towers, loft living
in Johnson Simons downtown, or quaint
historic Carriage House living, right on
Wooster Square.

Call or text

Every home purchase has the bonus of
 Wooster Square's walking distance to 
America's favorite style Apizza!

Tell her the WSBB sent you!

See you at the farmer's market
or I'll 
See You Round the Square!