Saturday, September 2, 2017

Three Set Thriller Caps 20 years of Tennis in New Haven!

Daria Gavrilova wins 

First WTA Title  in 

New Haven Connecticut. 

It took 20 years, and a sensational run by


  who dashed the hopes of crowd favorite, Dominika Cibulkova 
returning for her 9th time and her
first Connecticut Open Final.

Late in the match, after winning a particularly long and grueling point, Dasha flippantly circled her index finger as to say - COME ON! I'm pretty good too!

Eye on the Prize

Never in the 10 years I have been to our New Haven Tennis Tournament, now the Connecticut Open, have I seen a more exciting final.

The Spectacle played out on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, Military Day, at the Tennis Center.

Five minutes before Dasha stunned herself,
her coach and the fans, we had a 
New Haven Tennis First!

Daria is the First Champion to win
her First Championship right
here in the Elm City!

Do you think she was happy?

Congratulations Dasha!
You win New Haven Apizza for Life!
(see +Anne Worcester for details)
(I'm told there is not free apizza for life, 
but it's fun to think about.)

Then we had another Connecticut Open First!
Especially Fitting on Military Day,
when veterans get in for Free
and also fittingly get the royal treatment, parking, food, seats...etc...
we had a Military Flyover by our 
New Haven Eagles, Rachel and Walter
and one of the "babies" (not a technical term)
just 5 minutes before Dasha wrapped up her victory.

Proud Papa gets an Eagle Eye's view of the Final!
(Mama too high in photo)


Salute to Military Day!
There's Rachel!

Besides Tennis, the Week is Fun
filled with local Food Trucks.
wood fired pizza, Ice Cream and
oh how we ate so bad but good.

And as usual, there's always some other
excitement around our 
Annual Tennis Tournament. 

A few years ago, we had an earthquake!

And this year? 

You forgot about the eclipse?

Here's how the lights looked
about peak (68% in New Haven)
during the eclipse from court side.

It was a funky daydarky!

Did you miss it?

So much action in one of the most deep 
fields that our tournament has seen.

Take a look at some photos from 
in and around
the tennis courts!

The 2017 Connecticut Open!

Handsome Dan makes appearance to see the hot action!

Last Year's Champion, always a Champion in New Haven!
(Aga Radwanska)

Lot's of fun filled activities for kids of all ages

We also got a new Sponsor this Year!

They didn't supply the Blossom Blogger
a Porsche and a driver this year...

Dominika Cibulkova 
brought power and tenacity to the final! Also, her new husband and
Slovakian Cheering Section!

Pod! Pod! Pod! 
(apparently means Come On! in Slavic, but
it is quite fun to say and hear!)

That's him with the err, glasses.

Pod! Pod!

Domi brought the whole country!
(I am told the country has nearly
6 million people is extremely modern
and is part of the European Union.)

But there was no stopping Daria.

Northern Harrier Flyby

Double Champs!

Tons of Ospreys fly over

Players and fans from
the World over

USA's Shelby who played the longest 
women's match at the US Open..
to beat our New Haven Champion just 5 days later in New York City!


USA's Christina McHale rips the cover
off the ball!

Canadian Geese Flyover!

Thanks Katie!
(media director)

In the End, Daria Gavrilova is
the 2017 New Haven Open Champion!

Congratulations from 
Historic Wooster Square!

20 Year Tournament Director
Anne Worcester

Anne, Mayor Harp, Martina Navratilova and Yale
University President Peter Salovey.

Winning Smile

To the victor the spoils.

Great Job Daria!

See You Next Year in New Haven
I'll see You Round the Square!

Special Blossom Blog thanks
to all the Staff and volunteers
at the Connecticut Open!

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